Matti Cicero Weisberg is a sound artist and educator based in Monterey, MA. In both domains, their work is driven by the values of embodiment and interdependence. As the assistant manager of the Gould Farm Harvest Barn Bakery, they lead residents of the recovery community in using body-based techniques to build trust in themselves, their environment and their peers.

As an artist, they combine their training in biostatistics, theology, aesthetics and social justice to approach sound as a living body that absorbs space and entangles its inhabitants. The result is an ecosystem of practices which, through a lens of transness, seeks to find beautiful homologies between the socially contingent experience of selfhood and the relational behavior of matter itself. Their practice takes many forms including building singing sculptures, composing hybrid text/graphic/notated scores for small ensembles, authoring illustrated allegories, arranging original baroque pop music, designing a gestural controller for improvised trumpet performance, and creating electroacoustic work for multichannel playback.

Originally from New Rochelle, NY they received a B.S. in Computational Biology from Brown University and an M.F.A. in Sonic Arts from Brooklyn College.


Fruiting Body Discography


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